Monday, August 23, 2010

My side income business

The best way to get more money is build our own business. This happen when i saw my friends selling second hand clothing. I ask him " how much you get for doing this business"? then he smiling to me and said "try to do first then you know how much you get"..woo i think he must have earn lots of it! Suddenly straight on my mind "its better I'll try to do it"..Then few weeks later i try it and the result so good!So from that day i keep on selling second hand clothes..not fake but original. So i know that build our own business is the best way to get more then what you expect it. This is my side income story..Cheers!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Miss them so much

Just now I received call from my sister that they came home today. They from Kota Marudu going to Kota Kinabalu for shopping but this evening back to Kota Marudu again. Sadly I will not see my niece. Oh how I miss my niece so much. I really want to meet them but have work at the office to be done so cant see them. So sad. Miss them so much :-(

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bundle Wars

Ringggg... Alarm sound on my phone.. My eyes automatically open, "Oh it's 5am already".. I quickly take my bath. After done everthing, i start my car and go. 5.54am i reach at my friend house at Apartment Warisan Inanam.. Along we go to Tuaran. After takes a minutes ride we've reach at the place we called 'Bundle'. Oh.. theres a lot clothes, bags, and jeans all branded.. So we started our 'war' to find good stuff. Start my friend found a t shirt 'Bathing ape' made in Japan and rock band t shirt 'The Off Springs' then my turn found t shirt 'Mambo' made in Australia and 'Xlarge' 2 pieces made in Japan. After taking a few hours, We change place to Menggatal 'bundle' called 'Umar Enterprise shop'. Then after take for 2 hours there, We decided to go home. Both of us were so happy and also tired. So terrible have to wake up early in the morning just for the good stuff haizzzz. ( Actually we plan to go keningau 'Bundle' on next next week but not confirm yet. If confirm have to wake up early early in the morning again.. Aiyaaaaa ). This is the story of my 'Bundle Wars'. Cheers!

Friday, April 16, 2010

My first blog

Today is Saturday date 17.4.2010 my first day of blogging.. Actually today I don't have any story yet maybe will have on next week hahaha.. So be patient and wait for my story.. Cheers!